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24 Mar 2023

New notification for Detached Azure Disks

A user approached our Customer Success team to find out how they could use GorillaStack to identify their unattached Azure disks and send their team an […]
17 Mar 2023

AWS Region Expansion

In response to AWS’ continued growth, GorillaStack is pleased to announce our latest support across the seven new geographical locations: Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Europe (Spain) Middle […]
22 Sep 2021

Azure Real Time Events is Live

GorillaStack Real Time Events has been helping AWS users find out when bad changes occur across all their AWS Accounts. Whether it’s a bucket becoming public, […]
15 Jul 2021

Azure Cloud Automation – A DevOps Guide

If you’re operating in the world of Azure & DevOps, you likely have a number of key responsibilities as part of your role: Acceleration of application […]
13 Jul 2021

AWS Savings Plans vs Reserved Instances

Amazon has announced Savings Plans, a pricing and discount plan for EC2 and Fargate. We’ve often thought the Reserved Instance (RI) model to be overly complex. […]
23 Mar 2021

Terraform Updates on GorillaStack

As a continuous effort to manage your cloud resources on GorillaStack easily, we have upgraded our Terraform support. Here are the releases: Support for latest actions […]
05 Mar 2021

Embrace automatic incident remediation with PagerDuty and GorillaStack

PagerDuty is the first external service we are supporting via AWS EventBridge. PagerDuty is our eyes and ears online, alerting us to incidents as they occur […]
05 Mar 2021

Act on events from any tool that talks to AWS EventBridge

GorillaStack has already made a name for itself for letting users create rules that do one of the following: observe an event in AWS (e.g. an S3 […]
02 Mar 2021

AWS Instance Scheduler Comparison

A lot of organizations come to us for help after they have spent weeks wrestling with AWS Instance scheduler. Other users who have never tried to […]
11 Feb 2021

How we use Slack to dramatically reduce AWS costs & improve security

Slack is an awesome tool that we love. It makes it easy for teams to communicate with each other and with their automated systems. It can […]