Product Releases and Updates

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22 Sep 2021

Azure Real Time Events is Live

GorillaStack Real Time Events has been helping AWS users find out when bad changes occur across all their AWS Accounts. Whether it’s a bucket becoming public, […]
23 Mar 2021

Terraform Updates on GorillaStack

As a continuous effort to manage your cloud resources on GorillaStack easily, we have upgraded our Terraform support. Here are the releases: Support for latest actions […]
05 Mar 2021

Act on events from any tool that talks to AWS EventBridge

GorillaStack has already made a name for itself for letting users create rules that do one of the following: observe an event in AWS (e.g. an S3 […]
28 Jan 2021

Automate Azure SQL Database Lifecycle

In the past few months at GorillaStack, our focus has been on improving support for the Azure platform. Adding to the list of recent announcements for […]
11 Dec 2020

Start and Stop Azure WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) Session Hosts

Continuing our investment in the support of the Azure cloud platform in GorillaStack, we now offer Stop Azure WVD Session Hosts and Start Azure WVD Session […]
11 Dec 2020

Start and Stop AWS Workspaces

Continuing our focus on extending our cost optimization capabilities, we now offer two new actions for AWS Workspaces: Start Workspaces and Stop Workspaces in our Rules Engine. An AWS Workspace […]
29 Sep 2020

Update Azure Cosmos DB container throughput

Azure’s Cosmos DB is an intriguing service layer that wraps a range of related database services. One of those services is the creation of databases configured […]
07 Sep 2020

Update Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Node Pool Scale

Continuing our investment in the support of the Azure platform in GorillaStack, we now offer a new action for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to Update AKS […]
07 Sep 2020

Tag Group Search for AWS and Azure Resources

Tags are one of the keys to managing AWS and Azure resources well, which is why GorillaStack supports tag targeting of resources with Tag Groups. We […]
21 Jul 2020

Invoke Azure Functions

As part of our focus on improving our support for the Azure platform in GorillaStack, we are proud to announce our Invoke Azure Functions Action in […]