Product Releases and Updates

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21 Jul 2020

Delete Detached Disks on Azure To Cut Costs

There is a reason you manage disks and virtual machines separately in Azure: flexibility. It means you can attach more than one disk to a virtual […]
14 Jul 2020

Start and Stop Azure Container Groups

Continuing our investment in the support of the Azure platform in GorillaStack, we now offer two new actions to Start and Stop Azure Container Instance Container […]
01 Jul 2020

Pause and Resume Azure SQL Databases

Here at GorillaStack, our suite of actions for Azure continues to grow rapidly. The latest sweet treats are a pair of actions for pausing (stopping) and […]
25 Jun 2020

Update Azure Cosmos DB table throughput

We are moving quickly to expand support for Azure on GorillaStack so all the features you know and love will be available to you across Azure […]
17 Jun 2020

GorillaStack now supports Microsoft Teams

As remote work and corporate chat rocket into the mainstream, Microsoft Teams is suddenly everywhere you look. And so it is with GorillaStack, where we now […]
01 May 2020

GorillaStack has a new Slack App

For the tech worker in 2020, corporate chat is where facts are filtered and decisions are made — fast. People and machines share insights in real […]
24 Mar 2020

Delete AMI snapshots when deleting images

Just like the crumbs left behind when eating cookies, it is an unfortunate reality of life (with AWS at least) that many of your snapshots (so […]
18 Mar 2020

More filtering options for deleting images

It is really hard to know which AMIs can actually be deleted in your environment. Of course, you don’t want to delete anything that is in […]
13 Mar 2020

Seize the wheel on AWS Auto Scaling

One of the great promises of cloud computing is that it will let you: guarantee availability by scaling up resources when required guarantee savings by scaling […]
23 Jan 2020

Create DB Snapshots Now Supports Clusters

We now support the creation of snapshots for RDS clusters in our Create DB Snapshots action. Just like when starting and stopping RDS clusters, a different […]