What is GorillaStack?

GorillaStack is a cloud infrastructure automation platform that helps DevOps engineers to control their cloud computing services by using GorillaStack cloud rules engine. With a library of rules, DevOps can set triggers and workflows based on demand and usage of cloud resources in their environment without coding.  

Control Cloud Costs

Enforce Security and Governance

Achieve Cloud Compliance

Get Started

Let us take you through on how you can get started on your journey to automate your cloud operations.


Sign up a free trial

Create an account with your work email or Google SSO.

Once created, you will receive a verification email. Click on the verify email button to proceed.


Select the product plan

Choose the product you want to try out based on your business needs.

The product trial will last 14 days.


Create a team

Enter your company name as your Team name and select the default timezone for your account.

Tip: The timezone can be configured per the scheduled Rule.


Link cloud account

Connect your cloud subscription using GorillaStack CloudFormation Template or execute a script in Azure Cloud Shell or local PowerShell.

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AWS Advanced Technology Partner

ARN Startup of the year 2017, 2018, 2019

Available via AWS Marketplace