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Our Story: The Birth of GorillaStack

GorillaStack was built by developers for developers. The co-founders of GorillaStack were scaling up a business in the cloud. As their business grew so did the cloud spend but they found that they were paying for infrastructure that they weren’t using. They weren’t leveraging the true elasticity of the cloud.

The most popular option at the time was reserving instances upfront at a discount but this seemed counter-intuitive – the whole point of the cloud was that you were free to “pay as you go” and only for what you use.

As a result, GorillaStack Cost Optimization was created – a tool that organizations could use to automate elasticity by turning machines on and off, scaling infrastructure up and down, removing unutilized and underutilized backups.

As time passed, it started to become clearer that cloud compliance was broken. To find out about any vulnerabilities or mistakes in their cloud environments setup, organizations have to scan their infrastructure and wait for the compliance reports to be generated. That’s when GorillaStack Real Time Events was built.

You don’t want to wait weeks, days, or even hours to discover that part of your infrastructure is mistakenly open to the public or that your organization deployed a VM that is 5 times bigger and costly. Instead, Real Time Events notifies you immediately when you fall out of compliance.

In 2020, GorillaStack was acquired by SoftwareONE, leading to deep investment in R&D and a renewed focus on a product roadmap informed by a global customer base.

“This acquisition will enhance PyraCloud as a unique platform in the market by horizontally integrating the digital software supply chain and allowing customers to manage their assets in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. Furthermore, this transaction reflects SoftwareONE’s ability to secure attractive capability-led acquisition opportunities, even during the most challenging times,” said Dieter Schlosser, SoftwareONE CEO.

Oliver Berger, GorillaStack CEO, said “We are excited about joining SoftwareONE and bringing market-leading cloud management and real-time security capabilities to customers globally”.

Source: SoftwareONE acquires GorillaStack to accelerate its cloud management capabilities for AWS and Azure


Using Cloud Automation For Effective Cloud Operations

Our customers have experienced an average

36% cloud savings

on Cloud Subscriptions

Within 6 months of beta testing in Real Time Events, we tracked

6.5 billion events

and helped end users to filter down to

500 notifications

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