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Rules Engine

AWS CloudTrail Listener For Slack

  • Mark Thompson, Pepper Finance
    Gorillastack has helped us to reduce our AWS spend by 30%.
    Its easy to use and allows the dev team to start and stop servers without needing access to the AWS console.
  • Jim Zucker, EZOPS Inc
    We cut our AWS dev spend 35% with their product!
  • Kyle Pschak, Mobile Reach
    GorillaStack is a very lightweight service.
    All you have to do is tag your instances and configure a few settings in their clean and straightforward dashboard

  • jd

    John Duce, Tute Genomics
    GorillaStack was just what we needed when we needed to address our AWS costs fast.
    Their customer service is great too. Very friendly and happy to help if you have questions.
  • Ben Bewick, Jet Interactive
    Have been using GorillaStack for 18 months and love the ease with which we can bring whole non production environments up and down on schedules.
    Would highly recommend using the service.

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