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11 Apr 2017

Building a Serverless Slack bot using AWS Lambda, cautiously…

When scuba diving, a diver has releases on their equipment such that in cases where no alternatives are available, they can ditch heavy gear and swim […]
24 Mar 2017

Secure your Serverless project’s endpoints with AWS Certificate Manager

Here at GorillaStack we’ve been using Let’s Encrypt to issue SSL certificates for custom domains on AWS’s API Gateway for all our Serverless projects. While we […]
22 Mar 2017

AWS Organizations Moves to General Availability – Aids in Cost Management

Late last month, Amazon graduated AWS Organizations from “preview” status to widespread availability. AWS Organizations caters to individuals and businesses managing multiple AWS accounts, often as […]
14 Mar 2017

The AWS Snowball Edge Is Indestructible

We were all blown away when Amazon announced AWS Snowmobile at re:Invent 2016. I sat there as the truck rolled into the exhibition center and wondered […]
09 Mar 2017

AWS Lambda Adds IteratorAge Metric for Improved Processing Operations Visibility

AWS Lambda just got a bit better thanks to IteratorAge. If you’ve ever read the GorillaStack blog, you’re likely well-versed on many of AWS Lambda’s many […]
13 Dec 2016

Scheduled AWS – DevOps Automation

At GorillaStack we often get asked about our inspiration for building our product and what drives us to keep releasing featured designed to help DevOps automate […]
16 Nov 2016

Why Switching Off AWS EC2 Turns Us On!

Spinning up cloud computing servers is the bread and butter of DevOps professionals. But what about switching them off? A recent poll of AWS customers revealed […]
05 Nov 2016

How To Redirect With Serverless Framework

We just started playing with the v1 of the serverless framework after building a serverless HipChat plugin boilerplate repository and an example HipChat plugin that aggregates […]
25 Oct 2016

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform to be 100% Renewable Powered

As Developers and DevOps professionals, we spend a typical workday constructing elegant solutions to problems with code and, if you ask me, I get a serious […]
10 Oct 2016

AWS Reserved Instances – Explore The Alternatives Before You Spend

Customers can purchase AWS reserved instances from the AWS reserved instance marketplace to reduce their AWS bills. The management of this process is a huge industry […]