AWS CloudTrail Listener for Slack

Define & manage real-time workflows to monitor AWS CloudTrail inside Slack for free

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Track any CloudTrail event in Slack

Receive alerts into your Slack environment as soon as events hit your CloudTrail log. Apply your own filters so that only important events show up in your feed.

Takes just seconds to install

Use the AWS console or run a simple command in your AWS CLI to kick off your AWS Slack integration right away. Your whole team has access to the bot with just a couple of clicks.

Reach the right team member

When you track a CloudTrail event using our AWS Slack integration, you can specify which channel or team member receives the alert – reduce noise and target the issue owner.

Get the right information

Whenever you get a high level notification you can expand the raw event text snippet to explore more detailed information.

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Not sure which events to track? GorillaStack recommends monitoring these CloudTrail events for security.

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