How Lorica Health Optimize Their AWS Costs By 25%

Lorica Health - GorillaStack Customer

As Lorica Health, a leader in the field of health analytics, began to move from on-premise to a cloud consumption model they did so with a vision of adopting what they referred to as “true cloud” – efficient infrastructure that would capitalize on optimal elasticity.

Todd Turner, DataOps engineer, told us Lorica felt their time and resources were best spent “on delivering transparency to the Healthcare marketplace; not slaving away in the cloud”.

This is how Lorica Health realized that vision:

The Challenge Of Cloud Cost

Being a successful and growing business comes with its challenges, particularly around the scaling up of operations and infrastructure.

As Lorica Health grows market share and scales globally they need efficient and optimal utilization of cloud infrastructure to ensure they can continue to deliver high performing products to customers at an optimal price-point. Inefficient scaling can become expensive.

Choosing A Solution

Ultimately Lorica Health wanted an efficient and cost-effective way to manage the elasticity of their EC2, ECS and RDS – optimizing for elasticity without being constricted by homemade solutions or scripts.

Lorica Health first became aware of GorillaStack and its capabilities through technology-based events and local meetups. There they were able to get to know a number of the GorillaStack team on a first name basis before launching into the product and trialing its efficacy.

During the roll out, Todd and the team at Lorica were able to maintain an ongoing and collaborative dialogue through Lorica’s own private channel in GorillaStack’s public Slack workspace – something that GorillaStack makes available to every customer. Eighteen months later, the lines of communication are as open as ever.

According to Todd “Every request we have made is taken seriously by the GorillaStack team and it is an amazing feeling to be able to talk directly to those who develop the product. It is such a satisfying feeling seeing GorillaStack continually improve and evolve, based on our day-to-day interaction with the product.”

Todd admits that as a result of GorillaStack’s “phenomenal developer support”, Lorica Health were so confident that they “didn’t opt for trying any other products”.

Defining Success

Todd explains “The definition of success to us at Lorica Health was simple; see a material indent in our cloud spend whilst ensuring our teams had full control of their infrastructure, with no blocks or bottle-necks. GorillaStack has met our definition of success while allowing our teams to remain agile-as-ever.”

How Lorica Health Achieved Success

As Todd points out, Lorica Health were able to empower their teams “to take ownership of their own infrastructure; whether they are software engineers, data scientists or product owners….anybody, regardless of their technical abilities, can manage and control cloud”.

Todd continues “The user-friendly (and dare I say, stylish) graphical interface is great and the API makes it easy for teams to create, administer and maintain their own infrastructure precisely and consistently”.

“Checking the Engine Room stats is also great for seeing the impact that GorillaStack has on our cloud spend and allows us to focus on areas where continued improvement could be made.”

What does Cloud consumption look like now for Lorica Health?

“GorillaStack has had a huge impact on our overall cloud spend” says Todd. “GorillaStack enables us to ensure we are only paying for the infrastructure we are actually using, what a refreshing feeling!”To track efficiency; Lorica uses a mix of in-house dashboarding, log consolidation and statistics offered by the GorillaStack’s Engine Room tool.Todd adds “Since we have started utilizing GorillaStack, we have saved roughly 25% of our cloud billing; nearly a 20x ROI for GorillaStack. How can you argue with those economics?”.
Lorica Health Save 25% with GorillaStack

Key Takeaways

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