This AWS HipChat Integration Has Transformed DevOps

Oliver Berger | Fri, 22 Jul 2016

You may have seen our recent post that explains how to build your own Serverless HipChat Connect Plugin but did you know that GorillaStack already provides a tool that allows you to monitor your AWS spend and do a couple of other nifty things from within HipChat?

ChatOps (along with 'chatbot') has fully entered common lexicon since we first discussed our AWS Slack integration last year. At GorillaStack we see ChatOps as an important part of today's workplace toolset - it gives you and your colleagues accessible control and visibility over your work. All that in an environment where you can collaborate & receive notifications easily.. not to mention how easy it is to execute from a program like HipChat.

That’s why we built out a solution that gives our users the power to receive timely alerts within their HipChat rooms keeping their whole team abreast of any important events that occur in their AWS environment.

At GorillaStack we eat our own dog food (so to speak) and we leverage the power of this tool every day. We've also seen how powerful it can be for the companies that we service. Using GorillaStack's AWS HipChat integration our users have put the oversight and execution of DevOps back into the hands of engineers and those who use the resources day to day, helping to spread visibility and control beyond the centralized DevOps team that had traditionally managed cloud configuration and costs exclusively.

Our hands-on users love it as it promotes a culture of shared responsibility and oversight, while the centralized DevOps team are empowered to focus on important tasks and serve the more pressing needs of their coders.

Through GorillaStack’s AWS HipChat integration you can automate and manage AWS jobs & services that help you turn instances on / off or snooze them. You can execute, schedule and monitor Auto Scaling groups from your HipChat room after a one-time quick and simple setup.

HipChat AWS Integration

What's more you can keep your team up to speed on the status of all your critical systems through HipChat. You can even configure AWS Alerts for billing based on a threshold you define or simply based on particular times of the day (or week).


When we speak to our users, the upside that they say they like most about baking GorillaStack & AWS into their HipChat room is that communication and information-sharing isn't onerous but instead becomes a core part of their operations. Couple this with the ability and flexibility to execute core commands from within an "always-on" environment, and its hard to imagine how businesses ever lived without it.

If you don’t already have a GorillaStack account, you can try it for free here.

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