Here’s why Amazon’s new Availability Zone is great for Australian AWS customers

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Put your hands up if you’ve noticed the third availability zone (ap-southeast-2c) appear the IAM console over the last few weeks?

AWS Sydney Availability Zone

Here at GorillaStack we doff our hats to the more eagle eye’d folks amongst us here in Australia. If that’s you then email us and we’ll send you some free GorillaStack laptop stickers for your efforts.

So what are the implications for the new zone and why has AWS released it now?

A third availability zone enables AWS to launch new services previously unavailable for Australian customers – Aurora, Lambda, Elastic File System and Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL server.

We are finally a proper region. No longer will you have to look to Toyko to host your Lambda functions. In fact you can access AWS Lambda from Sydney today! Read more about it on Amazon’s website.

A third availability zone should also improve performance, especially for high latency applications and businesses – games is one, which is timely given the recent Lumberjack and Gamelift announcement. Capacity is another – as cloud adoption increases at an exponential rate, AWS needs to plan ahead in terms of scalability to meet the demand as Australian businesses continue their migration to the cloud.

2 Comments on “Here’s why Amazon’s new Availability Zone is great for Australian AWS customers”

    1. Hi Steve,

      It is a requirement for these services because of architectural reasons within their implementation. It has to do with designing services for high availability and in some cases, to ease with data replication by having multiple secondaries rather than a single DR node like you have in 2 node clusters.

      This helps protect AWS lambda and other such services against AZ failure scenarios. As far as evidence goes, AWS itself has given the missing third AZ as reasoning for the delay in activation of these services in particular regions (such as ap-southeast-2 in this case).

      See you at the next AWS meetup,

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