GorillaStack Has Been Nominated For 2 ARN Innovation Awards 2019

Oliver Berger | Wed, 24 Jul 2019

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We're thrilled to announce that GorillaStack has once again been nominated for ARN Innovation Awards.

GorillaStack and the team will be hoping to take home the Startup Specialist Of The Year award for the 3rd year running and aiming to win its first ISV Of The Year award.

GorillaStack's nominations this year come in recognition of their expanded product base with a fresh focus on real-time alerting and remediation in the cloud covering deep integrations that organizations are using to maintain continuous compliance, flipping the old model of semi-regular cadenced infrastructure reviews. Organizations can track events in their cloud environment using GorillaStack and select to be notified about critical events in real time, events that preempt a disaster. The benefit to those forward looking companies is that disasters are forecast and prevented by very specific events where the old model involved trawling through logs after the fact to identify root-cause, prevention as opposed to cure.

In a 1 year period, GorillaStack's customers tracked over 6.5 billion events narrowing down to alert on just 500,000 critical events that prevented serious environmental disasters inside their public cloud infrastructure. A number of organizations are already extending these notifications to automatically remediate the breaches without the need for human intervention.

Oliver Berger, CEO said "We're once again thrilled to be recognized for our innovation in the field of cloud automation and remediation. The last 12 months have seen us release an unique and novel product line so to receive these nominations for essentially brand new product is an incredible reflection of the team's hard work and the immense success of the organizations who use GorillaStack to implement best practice standards across their cloud environments. As always we look forward to the awards and are grateful simply to be in such good company with the other nominees in our category."

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