Going inside: 2 new EC2 Run Commands

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We have been operating at the resource level for some time, managing elasticity of EC2 and RDS instances, autoscaling groups and the lifecycle of EBS storage and images. However, two new actions we released today is changing that, taking us into new territory of offering automation capabilities inside of EC2 instances.

EC2 Systems Manager offers Run Command capabilities, helping you remotely and securely manage the configuration of your managed instances.

GorillaStack now supports two EC2 Run Commands as actions RunShellScript and RunPowerShellScript. This allows customers to target resources using GorillaStack’s Triggers and TagGroup targeting mechanisms to apply their automation on instances at scale.

This is the product of customer feedback, which is our true north as far as roadmap planning goes. If you have an automation requirement for your cloud vendor, get in touch and let us know.

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