Automatically Reset Auto Scaling Groups to Previous Scale

Oliver BergerChangelogLeave a Comment

Users of our update_autoscaling_groups action have for a while been looking for a way to scale an Auto Scaling Group down and then at a later point, scale back to the previous settings associated with this group.

Until now, we needed users to specify the desired settings for those Auto Scaling groups on the scale up action, which was cumbersome and less flexible. The complexity was around binding two rules which are separate and asynchronous, to be some sort of “symmetrical” pair of actions that maintain state at an individual resource level. That didn’t stop us though 🙂

Now our users can request that GorillaStack cache the min max and desired Auto Scaling Group scale settings at an individual Auto Scaling Group level when performing one update or request that GorillaStack restores to previous cached settings for targeted Auto Scaling Groups.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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