Automatically Scale DynamoDB Throughput

Elliott Spira | Sun, 08 Apr 2018

DynamoDB is becoming a popular solution for AWS customers who want a NoSQL database that can quickly scale to demand and where they pay for the data they store and the throughput that they require.

DynamoDB has some great Auto Scaling capabilities, however, to avoid throttling requests around known peaks in throughput requirements and to quickly back-off and save money around troughs, our customers wanted us to support actions to scale their DynamoDB throughput.

DynamoDB Throughput Management 1024x549

Now our customers can target multiple tables at once using our granular tag groups and scale either/both the Read Capacity and Write Capacity.

This action can be attached to any of our triggers, including our very popular scheduled trigger, that can be preceded with a notification (with a list of all targeted tables included) or snoozed or cancelled.

Let us know what you think!

With love,

The GorillaStack Team

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