GorillaStack Wins Startup Specialist Of The Year 2017

Oliver Berger | Thu, 14 Sep 2017

Last night at the ARN ICT awards was a real highlight for us - winning Startup Specialist Of The Year 2017. On a side-note, Cameron Inchley and I were discussing an anecdote told by Gary Lineker, the prolific English striker.

“The big thing is, everybody says it's being in the right place at the right time. But it's more than that, it's being in the right place all the time. Because if I make 20 runs to the near post and each time I lose my defender, and 19 times the ball goes over my head or behind me - then one time I'm three yards out, the ball comes to the right place and I tap it in - then people say, right place, right time. And I was there all the time.”

Building a product is difficult, creating something truly useful can often mean trying to be in the right place all the time which is exhausting – building the right features, working with the right partners, supporting the right customers - so when that effort is recognized it makes all that work worthwhile.

We’re stoked to have picked up the award for Startup Specialist of the Year 2017 – something that wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance & feedback from our customers.

ARN Awards GorillaStack

Thanks also to Lizelle Hughes, Stefan Jansen, Lily Jang and Amazon Web Services for the support as well as to ARN for the recognition. Obviously the biggest thanks are reserved for Elliott, Joel, Michael, Stefan and the rest of the team for the hard work that underpins everything we do at GorillaStack.

Last night was an awesome celebration but today we get back to figuring out the right place to be to help as many users as possible.

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