Sequence Multiple Actions With One Rule

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You could only run one Action in a Rule. Until now.

One Rule can now contain a sequence of multiple actions! Additionally we are announcing that a user can add new Pause stages into the sequence of actions.

What is a Pause stage?

Place a pause into a sequence of actions to either postpone actions and/or introduce extra conditions before continuing with action execution.

We currently have two Pause types:

Manual Approval Pause

Block the execution of any actions by seeking approval/denial from users in your team. With configurable default behaviors and full integration with email, hipchat and slack notifications this is a great way to craft extra control and flexibility into your rules.

Delay Pause

Set a timed pause in between action stages to wait for a configurable amount of time. Helpful for example if you wish to have a rule to start up RDS and EC2 instances, you could Start RDS instances, Delay pause for a few minutes while the RDS instances get up and running and then Start EC2 instances

How to access and use these new features

  1. Navigate to the rules form by either creating or editing a rule.
  2. Hover on the ‘Add Pause or Action’ button which will reveal _Add Pause_ and _Add Action_ buttons
  3. Start to explore the new capabilities!

Questions? Hit us up on our public slack channel!

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