Suspend and Resume Auto Scaling Processes Actions

Joel Spira | Thu, 18 Apr 2019

You can now suspend and resume any/all processes on EC2 Auto Scaling Groups. Here is a Processes list:

Terminate HealthCheck ReplaceUnhealthy AZRebalance AlarmNotification ScheduledActions AddToLoadBalancer

This is particularly helpful in a sequence of actions to orchestrate interesting interactions with ephemeral workloads in Auto Scaling Groups.

For existing users, enabling these new actions requires an update to the GorillaStack cross account role. Start by navigating to the platforms view, and for the account you wish to target click the drop down and select Update Account Setup. Click the Customize link and tick the checkboxes beside the Suspend and Resume Auto Scaling Processes actions. Click the Apply button and launch the change set. This will update the GorillaStack cross-account role to include the new required ASG IAM permissions.

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