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Joel Spira & Steven Noble | Fri May 01 2020

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For the tech worker in 2020, corporate chat is where facts are filtered and decisions are made — fast.

People and machines share insights in real time, and teams come together to work as one.

Knowing this, we have long connected our GorillaStack platform to Slack, helping our customers to better ride the wave of important information about the state of their GorillaStack, AWS and Azure accounts.

With our new Slack App, this connection is more powerful than ever before. Now, GorillaStack users can complete in Slack a range of important tasks that once took them to our webapp.

Our users in Slack and elsewhere can now receive filtered, targeted alerts on any type of CloudTrail Event that’s important to them, including the events that are created when someone:

  • creates an AWS password that violates company policies
  • disables a Multi-Factor Authentication device attached to an AWS account
  • logs in using the master account, not a specified user account with managed permissions
  • creates a public RDS instance or S3 bucket
  • alters ingress/egress rules on a security group
  • creates an instance with unencrypted volumes
  • reduces or eliminates any kind of logging
  • does absolutely anything else that can be determined from CloudWatch Events

GorillaStack sends filtered targeted CloudTrial Events straight to

Even better, users do not have to write GorillaStack rules to track many of these events. They can just deploy our templates containing prewritten rules with a few clicks. And these templates can be deployed right from Slack using our new Slack App — no need to visit the webapp. Setting up security alerts for your environment with GorillaStack templates takes less time than brewing a fresh cup of coffee.

Deploy GorillaStack templates straight from

Similarly, users can type /gs run, browse or search the list of GorillaStack rules that appears right there in Slack, and then click the Run Now button to run the rule, all without visiting the webapp.

On top of adding these new features, we have improved many of our existing integrations with Slack with the new Slack App. For example, it was always possible to receive cost alerts, instant count alerts, rule execution alerts and other messages in Slack. But now, when the alert contains a button — for example, to Snooze a rule that turns off the development sandbox at the end of each day — that button can now be interacted with right within Slack. Clicking it no longer takes the user to the appropriate page in our webapp.

Snooze a GorillaStack rule straight from

Real-time devops is the future of our industry. With our new Slack App, we’re absolutely thrilled to be making a useful slice of that future available to our customers today. So please, take a look, and let us know what you think on our public Slack channel.

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