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Create AWS Billing & Usage Alerts 

Create AWS alerts for Slack or Email

Select your AWS services to track

Choose from any AWS service or groups of services that you want to keep track of. You can get personal notifications, decide to notify members of your team or to send alerts to your whole team depending on the service you’re tracking.


Choose your metric

You can receive notifications and alerts for any type of change in your environment. Get updated on the scale or cost of your infrastructure and how much is provisioned periodically or at specific thresholds that you determine.


Integrations for full automation control

Receive upcoming schedule execution notifications via Slack or Email.

Get Billing Alerts

Receive a notification for any AWS service periodically or at a threshold

Stay On Top of Usage

Get rich alerts about provisioned infrastructure either periodically or at a threshold

Control Costs

Avoid billing surprises by having constant oversight of your spend

Get Alerts to Slack

Send alerts to a single Slack channel or multiple channels

Get Email Updates

Choose to receive a personal email or get a message to a whole group

Get Alerted Periodically

Receive regular AWS billing alerts or usage alerts on a predefined schedule

Get Threshold Alerts

Find out as soon as a bill or usage surpasses a defined threshold

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