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Schedule Azure AutoScale Settings
30 Dec 2020
GorillaStack Tagline
Schedule AWS Auto Scaling
30 Dec 2020


Schedule Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)

Automate start times and deallocate times for Azure Virtual Machines 

Select your Virtual Machines to schedule

Use your existing tag structure to identify which VMs to target. In GorillaStack, you can create Tag Groups using a combination of boolean logic and regex. With GorillaStack’s rich targeting you can start & deallocate rich combinations of VMs for true comprehensive governance.

Create a schedule

Figure out which times you want to start and which times you want to deallocate your Virtual Machines (VMs). You can terminate VMs without needing a schedule to bring them back up again for true cost saving efficacy. You can also split schedules across regions and timezones for true freedom.

Integrations for full automation control

Receive upcoming schedule execution notifications via Slack or email. From there you can snooze or cancel the action. Using our advanced roles and permissions you can enable your team to take control at that point too.

Start VMs

Bring up 1 virtual machine or a group of virtual machines by schedule for when they’re required

Use Your Azure Tags

Use your existing Azure tag structure to target VMs for your schedule

Deallocate VMs

Switch off servers at the end of the day or when they’re no longer needed

Control Costs

Reduce your costs by cycling your VMs when they’re not required

Improve Elasticity

Azure is designed to be elastic so take full advantage by cycling on and off


Cancel or snooze a schedule by interacting with rich notifications from Slack or email.

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