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Automatically Create Images in AWS

Elliott Spira | Mon, 28 May 2018

We were already helping our customers with deleting their AMIs, but like Snapshots, customers wanted both the capability to create and delete their images. Now, if you have certain workloads which require the baking of AWS instance images for backups, as opposed to the snapshotting of volumes, you…

Delete Orphaned Snapshots from 'CreateImage'

Elliott Spira | Mon, 21 May 2018

We've all seen it before, a list of snapshots, with descriptions that reference AMIs that may or may not exist anymore. What a pain! Until now! Set up a scheduled rule with our new action to Delete Orphaned Snapshots. Now, we will parse these descriptions and we will delete any snapshots whereby…

Automatically Create VSS Snapshots

Elliott Spira | Sun, 20 May 2018

Do you use Shadow Copy Service/Volume Snapshot Service in your Windows workloads? Want an easy way to do VSS snapshots via AWS at scale? We now support automatically taking VSS snapshots of your disks attached to Windows Instances in AWS, using the AWS SSM Agent. Using GorillaStack, you can target…

Automate Changes To Your AWS Environment with an SNS Push

Elliott Spira | Fri, 18 May 2018

Want deeper integrations with events in AWS? Good news for you then - we now support the triggering of Rules within GorillaStack from a push on an SNS topic! Now you can configure a swathe of different events within AWS to trigger your GorillaStack rules, be that CloudWatch Alarms, your…

New Capabilities For Auto Scaling Automation

Elliott Spira | Tue, 15 May 2018

Thanks for the awesome feedback! After delivering the ability to cache and restore Auto Scaling group settings, we got a tonne of great feedback from customers. While this was really useful, there were a couple features that we're further required to round out this capability nicely. One Customers…
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AWS Instance Scheduler

Elliott Spira | Mon, 16 Apr 2018

A lot of organisations come to us for help after they have spent weeks wrestling with AWS Instance scheduler. Other users who have never tried to grapple with the 40 page instructional document ask us why they shouldn’t use it instead of GorillaStack. Instance Scheduler Overview The AWS Instance…

Automatically Scale DynamoDB Throughput

Elliott Spira | Sun, 08 Apr 2018

DynamoDB is becoming a popular solution for AWS customers who want a NoSQL database that can quickly scale to demand and where they pay for the data they store and the throughput that they require. DynamoDB has some great Auto Scaling capabilities, however, to avoid throttling requests around known…

Automatically Reset Auto Scaling Groups to Previous Scale

Oliver Berger | Wed, 28 Mar 2018

Users of our action have for a while been looking for a way to scale an Auto Scaling Group down and then at a later point, scale back to the previous settings associated with this group. Until now, we needed users to specify the desired settings for those Auto Scaling groups on the scale-up action…
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